Green Story

Green Tourism Gold AwardHere at Dale house barn and B&B we want my guests to have a really comfortable and enjoyable stay and make the most of the fantastic countryside all around us with minimum impact to the environment

 Dominique and Andrew bought Dale house and the barn in January 2014 with a view to simplifying her lifestyle and living closer to nature in a sustainable manner.

We have taken and continue to take steps to achieve this goal. (This document is updated each year and we aim to set new green goals each time.)

These include

Getting rid of the old oil heating system and installing a commercial bio mass boiler, which runs on wood pellets. We are part of the OFGEM RHI scheme of 2011 and we only buy sustainable fuel that meets the standards laid down in the ledgislation.The boiler provides hot water and heating for both the barn and the main house.

 We found some old roll top radiators on eBay, which were reconditioned and installed to add to the comfort in the barn.

All my wood for the stoves in the barn and the main house is sourced locally.  Trees that have blown over in nearby farms or the Clapham estate are collected and logged and then dried in one of the sheds ready for use the following year.

We have installed solar panels on the roof to provide electricity and reduce usage from the grid. I have now replaced all the light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs and encourage everyone including myself to “switch off”.

The whole of the ground floor of the house was excavated. It was then insulated and we managed to save some of the original flagstones that had been covered up by modern tiles and rubble for many years. The broken and unusable flags have been re shaped and utilised in the garden to make paths and patio areas.

Many of the “blown” double glazed windowpanes have been replaced to ensure we are as energy efficient as possible in a 400-year-old building.

During the 1st covid lock down we started to repoint the whole property and I can confirm that this summer (2022) we will have completed it. We have made sure that the bats can still get into the roof but now we are more energy efficient.

We dont get a recycling collection at Dale house and whilst this is a minor inconvenience it also allows me to be very careful with the managment of waste and ensure that as much as possible is recycled. There are separate recycling bins in both the barn and the B&B rooms.

I use micro fiber cloths and environmentally friendly cleaning products throughout the property.

I have 4 different types of hens, which have free range of the gardens and meadows. They provide eggs for breakfast in the B&B and are also available for our guests in the barn to purchase.

I source all the food locally and use as many local, and small suppliers as possible. We also try to use as much seasonal produce as we can on our menus. The market in Clitheroe is a firm favourite of mine. Much of the meat we serve in the evening is wild game and hunted by Andrew. We feel it is some of the most sustainable and healthy meat you can enjoy. I offer a home made organic bread for breakfast and also home made preserves for the B&B guests in the house.

The Forest of Bowland has dark skies status (of which we are an accredited dark skies business) and we are perfectly situated for an evening of star gazing. 

We would like my guests to make the most of the outdoors whilst they are here and can provide maps and downloaded walking or cycling routes. Some of my favourite routes are on the website for you to easily download. I can show you on a proper map too and I have plenty more suggestions.  You can also organise e-bikes to be delivered here. Contact

Our goals for 2022 are to get a Green tourism accreditation for the business and in going through this process improve what we do already and to install and electric car charging point. (The car charging point was completed on 28/7/22)

We welcome feedback from our guests in all matters including how we can be more green.

More information on green tourism can be found here.